Wednesday, 21 May 2014


If you don't have peace in your life, you cannot move forward because conflict (inner or outer), will just rip the energy out of you and take your focus away from what is important.
So if you have a conflict in your life, priority number one should be to resolve that conflict.
Sometimes that means you have to change something about yourself, like a way of being, or maybe a belief that you hold. Sometimes that means you have to change something that you are doing, like putting more distance between yourself and harm. Other times, it means letting go of things completely - maybe people, maybe habits, maybe a grudge, maybe some kind of gripe or offensive that is holding you back from making the peace. Occasionally, you may have to accept something unacceptable - like the immoral action of a mother or father figure you love, a broken promise that meant a great deal to you - or a memory that stops you from relaxing completely - or accepting that there is no explanation to something that you feel a desperate need to have an explanation for.
And as hard as this process of purifying yourself is, as hard as it is to make so much change, and do so much letting go - once you are done with the process - you come to a place of peace. A place of acceptance - of yourself and of others - and of the good and bad in the world.

And once you have peace, you have ample space and ample time in which to get on with your life.

So seek the peace. Its good.

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